Mar 14, 2009: Though I have not posted any article in the last three months or so, I have made one significant change. I have enabled comments on all the articles so that it is now easy to share what you - my readers - think and what you want to say.

Dec 28, 2008: It has been a happening year in both positive as well as negative events. As, this year comes to an end, I, like everyone else hope that the coming new year would be better. I am not going to a resolution write a lot more articles. Honestly, I know I cannot keep up such a resolution. I would continue to write as many articles as possible whenever I get time. The current economic scenario does not leave us with that luxury. Wish all readers on this Wiki a Happy New Year. Hope the new year brings with it good luck, happiness and peace.

Nov 7, 2008: In the days between this post and the last, there have been a lot of changes. One such change is I have started to use Mandriva Linux. Linux is not something new to me. I have been using Ubuntu for almost two years.

Ubuntu is good but not as stable as some other distributions are. So this is my first attempt at trying another distribution which is very polished as anything else out there but also very stable.

Nov 1, 2008: It has been a while since I started posting content here. So far so good. Some of you have been visiting this site and I hope you find it useful. As I have mentioned earlier, this site is just to make a note of things I need to do every now and then but don't remember too well.

That said I have been busy writing for my blog and you can catch a whole lot of other stuff there.

Meanwhile, I also started a Photo Blog or rather sort of. The simple and intuitive user interface on Vox was what attracted me to do this. As usual I had my Vox blog for a while but left it unattended. Hence the idea of making it a Photo Blog.

I dont have any updates right now, but since Ubuntu 8.10, aka, Intrepid Ibex is out, I might write something next week, when I will lay my hands on the new release.

Call me whatever, but I thought I would be safe and have mirrored this wiki at two places. Yes you read it right, two places. Just in case you are not able to read anything here, head over to any of these two sites. I mostly keep them in sync with this wiki.

  1. Zoho Wiki
  2. Google Sites

Have a nice time.

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