How to install Java EE 5 SDK on Mandriva One 2009

OS: Mandriva One 2009
Date: Jan 24, 2009

There seems to be a boot strapping problem when installing the Java EE 5 SDK on several Linux distributions. This gives a huge trace dump once the installation begins. This is a simple guide on how to install the Java 5 EE SDK on Mandriva One 2009.

Step 1: Install Dependencies

  • Open Applications > Install and Remove Software
  • Login with root user ID and password
  • Choose "All" in both the combo boxes on the top left
  • Enter libstdc++ in the Find box and press Enter
  • Check the box against libstdc++2.10
  • Then enter java-1.6.0-sun in the Find box and press Enter
  • Check the box against java-1.6.0-sun - Java Runtime Environment for java-1.6.0-sun.
  • Click Yes if prompted for installing dependent packages
  • Click Apply
  • Click Yes in the Confirmation dialog box

Once the installation is complete, proceed to the next step

Step 2: Installing Java 5 EE SDK

  • Open a terminal window by clicking Applications > Tools > Terminal
  • Enter su - and press Enter
  • Enter root password and press Enter
  • Change to the directory where Java 5 EE SDK is located
  • Enter the command
./java_ee_sdk-5_05-linux.bin -javahome <Java Dir>
  • Java Runtime is normally located at /etc/alternatives/jre on Mandriva unless manually installed to another location
  • The installation should start normally.


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